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Honey and the Bees

Honey and the two Bees

The words honey (English) and Honig (German) are cousins; together with other similar words in Swedish, Dutch, etcetera, they both descend from their grandfather, Proto-Germanic, which had the word *hunagam (the asterisk shows that the word does not come from a written source, but from linguistic study), whose origin is unknown…

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That stings: Insecticide hurts queen bees' egg-laying abilities

the woman holding bees

The world’s best-selling insecticide may impair the ability of a queen honey bee and her subjects to maintain a healthy colony, says new research led by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln entomologist.

The research examined the effects of imidacloprid, which belongs to a popular class of nicotine-based insecticides known as neonicotinoids. Honey bees often become exposed to neonicotinoids in the process of pollinating crops and ornamental plants while foraging for the nectar and pollen that feed their colonies…

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County Planes Will Spray Anti-Zika Naled Over Miami Beach Despite Previous CDC Warnings

protect no spray anti zika

This past Sunday, the Guardian reported that anti-Zika naled spraying in South Carolina had killed 2.5 million bees , leading to a large bee-colony collapse. “It kills everything,” Dennis Olle, director of conservation programs for the North…

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The Beekeeper's Secret by Josephine Moon

The Beekeeper's Secret. Josephine Moon

I first heard about The Beekeeper’s Secret from Deborah over at the Debbish blog. Her review catapulted me into wanting to read it. Not long after I was down at our local bookshop to buy it and I must say there are no regrets!

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