Thoughts on the Flow Hive…

There has been a lot of press coverage of the much hyped Flow Hive in recent months. Here are a few articles written by the natural beekeeping and permaculture community.

Going Against The Flow: Is The Flow Hive a Good Idea?

It’s fab, it’s new, and the honey flows straight into the jar. It’s so easy. But then, powdered instant potato is easy, too. Does that make it a good idea?

Kirsten Bradley, Milkwood Permaculture

3 Reasons to go Against the Flow Hive

This newfangled honey collection system is comprised of plastic. It’s basically the Langstroth hive on steroids…

Honey Colony

The Deeper Message of the Flow Hive

In truth, the thinking behind the Flow Hive entirely ignores the bees’ perspective.

Natural Beekeeping Trust

Thoughts on the Flow Hive: a pre-emptive review

The Flow Hive is not a magical, endless fountain of honey – anyone who knows anything about bees and honey production would know this, and those who dive headlong into the world of bees soon find out. What the Flow Hive does offer is the potential to stimulate interest in bees at a time when it is perhaps needed most.

The Apiarian Lens

Why We Will Not Be Using Flow Hives in Our Apiary

…we don’t believe that the Flow Hive is the be all and end all solution it is toted to be. My biggest worry is that people invest in a Hive and then with dreams of easy use, abandon them when they realize they require more care or work or knowledge than they might have.

Eliza De La Portilla, Huffington Post

Thoughts on The Flow Hive

The foolish beekeeper hides behind technology, denies the bees their innate preferences, exploits them to edge of starvation, and replaces their honey with inferior sugar/fructose solution.

Jonathan Powell, Bees Wing

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