honeBeekeeper Henk Brouwer shows his dead bees. y-bees-dead-from-neonicotinoids

Beekeeper Henk Brouwer shows his dead bees.

Half of the population of his colonies has died after the winter period. Bees and other pollinators both natural and managed seem to be declining globally, but particularly in North America and Europe. Lack of robust regional or international programs designed to monitor the current status and trends of pollinators means there is considerable uncertainty in the scale and extent of this decline. Nonetheless, the known losses alone are striking. In recent winters, honeybee colony mortality in Europe has averaged around 20% (with a wide range of 1.8% to 53% between countries).
Imker Henk Brouwer in Zwiggelte bemerkt een massale sterfte onder zijn bijenkolonies na de winterperiode. Bijen en andere bloemenbestuivers nemen in aantal af, vooral in Europa en Noord Amerika. Er zijn geen goede landelijke of internationale programma’s die de sterfte in kaart brengen dus het is niet bekend hoe hard het gaat. In de afgelopen winters was de sterfte gemiddeld 20% (varierend van 1.8 % tot 53% tussen verschillende landen).


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