It’s not just about the honey

Natural Beekeeping is not just about the honey

Natural Beekeeping is not just about the honey

Rather than a focus on ‘taking from’ the bees, natural beekeeping is about ‘giving back.’

In a natural bee-centred approach, bees are allowed to construct natural comb, thereby determining their own cell size, population mix, colony size, and rear their own queens and Drones.

Instead of swarm suppression – a universal technique employed by most conventional beekeepers to prevent bees from leaving the hive and taking honey with them – biodynamic beekeeping allow and encourages the bee colony (the bee-ing) to express itself naturally by celebrating the swarm impulse and the re-birthing of new life.

Instead of the emphasis on breeding docile bees with little zest for life and no want to protect their home or brood, natural bees are vigorous, forage a lot, have a stronger constitution  and show true bee behavior by being a little aggressive.

In a conventional beehive the constant taking of honey means the bees think they are constantly under attack. With natural beekeeping and less emphasis on taking honey the bees are working but they’re doing different jobs – cleaning the hives, washing the walls and landing boards, scouts are out looking for new home site in preparation for swarming
The bees can start to relax and enjoy being Bees!

“its not just about the honey”

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Tips for Natural Beekeeping

Frightening but true – we no longer have enough honeybees to pollinate all our crops. Wild honeybees are nearly extinct in the UK, Germany & Northern China, and from 1985-2005 there was a 53 per cent decline in UK managed honeybee colony numbers. Read more


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What is Natural Beekeeping?

What is Natural Beekeeping?

Providing optimal conditions for the health of the bee colony

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