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We are still organising our Kenyan Top Bar Hive construction and distribution system, so are currently only taking orders via our contact form.

The “Let it Bee” Top Bar Hive is a high quality product designed and built for the Australian climate by people who care for the environment and who are passionate about caring for bees. Our hives are made from plantation timbers laminated together for stability strength and durability. The 38mm walls of the hive offer the bees better thermal insulation allowing them to easily maintain a constant temperature in Australia’s extreme climate. Internal walls are smooth, clean and free from cracks or splits offering pests like the small hive beetle nowhere to hide.

The sides of the hive are morticed in to the end boards to further enhance stability and strength. Entrance holes strategically placed in the centre of the hive are flush with the floor to allow cleaner bees to do their job efficiently. The glass inspection window not only provides a fascinating insight into the secret world of bees, it is an invaluable feature allowing the carer to closely inspect and monitor the hive without disturbing or interfering with the bees in any way. A hinged door covers the glass when not in use to exclude light and maintain thermal integrity.

Lightweight top bars are accurately machined to discourage cross-combing, eliminate draughts and deter pests and parasites from entering the hive from between the bars. A lightweight and attractive cedar roof protects the hive from sun and rain.

While the interior of the hive is totally natural, the exterior is oiled with Raw linseed oil and bees wax.

In the midst of the highly industrialised and heavily interventional world of honey production, there is an alternative. The “Let it Bee” Kenyan top bar hive is thoughtfully designed and meticulously handcrafted to optimize the health of the honey bees and at the same time allowing the backyard natural bee keeper easy, low fuss maintenance of these amazing creatures. Enjoy!!

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