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The Kenyan Top Bar Hive Australian style

The ‘Beekeeping Naturally’ Kenyan Top Bar Hive is a high quality product designed and built for the Australian climate by people who care about the environment and who are passionate about caring for bees. Our hives are made from Cypress Macrocarpa.

Cypress Macrocarpa or Victorian Cypress is a reclaimed timber mostly reused from fallen farm tress & wind barriers. The 26mm walls of the hive offer the Bees better thermal insulation allowing them to easily maintain a constant temperature in Australia’s extreme climate.

The Kenyan Top Bar Hive has no frames, therefore offers pests like the small hive beetle little space to hide. Entrance holes strategically placed in the centre of the hive are flush with the floor to allow cleaner bees to do their job efficiently. Lightweight top bars are accurately cut and waxed to discourage cross-combing, eliminate draughts and deter pests and parasites from entering the hive from between the bars. A lightweight and attractive gable roof protects the hive from sun and rain.

While the interior of the hive is totally natural, the exterior is oiled with a mixture of nut and seed oils. In the midst of the highly industrialised and heavily interventional world of honey production, there is an alternative.

The “Beekeeping Naturally” Kenyan top bar hive is thoughtfully designed and meticulously handcrafted to optimize the health of the honey bees and at the same time allowing the backyard natural bee keeper easy, low fuss maintenance of these amazing creatures. Enjoy!!

We flat pack our hives and can send them Australia wide to your door. Included are detailed instructions so that you can easily re-assemble it yourself. We also include info on where to position your hive and how to catch a swarm!

Our hive has been years in the making and over time we have fine-tuned it for management simplicity. I am confident that you will love your Top Bar Hive and so will the bees. Making your own hive is both fun and rewarding, if you wish to have a go yourself, ask me for the plans and I will be happy to email them to you free of charge:

We also sell a ‘build-it- yourself’ timber package containing all the timber you need to build your own hive. The timber is the same sustainably harvested Cypress Macrocarpa that we use for our own hives.

Please contact us if you are interested in buying a Kenyan Topbar beehive.

or phone Adrian on 0409 971 128.

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