Are you ready for the honey flow?


Spring is in the air and it is a very important time of year for beekeeping.

Swarms are starting to fly so hives should be ready and positioned to take a caught swarm – or should have already been set up as a swarm trap.
If you already have an established colony, some of last years dark broodcomb should be culled out by moving them to the outside positions away from the brood area (being sure that the old combs don’t have brood or eggs in them) or by harvesting some of the left over honey that the bees didn’t consume over the winter period.Remember to leave the bees some honey in case of a dearth.
Add a couple of comb-less bars to both ends so the bee organism can start to expand laterally and over the next couple of weeks have a quick peak to see if the bees have started building comb onto the end bars.Depending on what’s flowering in your area, you should keep adding bars as needed as soon as you see the bees building onto the end bars.
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