Are the bees driving you up the wall?

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I love the way the Chinese maximise their use of space. These bees are literally hanging off the cliff face…

The plight of the honeybee is a dangerous concern that affects everyone around the world. In an attempt to bolster flagging wild bee numbers, beekeepers from China’s Hubei province pinned over 700 beehives on a steep cliff face to provide habitat to the native bee population. The incredible sight has stunned local villagers, who have likened the tiny wood huts to coffins or spirit homes.

Bee hiaves3

The hundreds of beehives are located 1,200 meters above sea level on Muyu Village’s Guanmen Mountain in the Shennongjia forestry reserve. The bees native to the region belong to the Apis cerana species, also known as the Asiatic honeybees, which can be found throughout central China. However, the Asiatic honeybees colonies have dramatically diminished, and according to Xinhua, the honeybees of North and Northeast China have already died out.

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Local Muyu beekeepers are working hard to keep the Asiatic honeybees alive, which is why they built the hundreds of beehives and climbed high on the steep cliff face to attach the structures. The handmade structures and precipitous locations were selected to emulate the wild bees’ natural habitat. Their efforts are one of the reasons why the Shennongjia forestry reserve is largely considered a safe sanctuary for the Asiatic honeybees.

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