Another Kenyan Hive was Born Last Sunday!!

John and Sharon Champagne from Brogo Permaculture Gardens have got them selves a ‘Let it Bee’ hive.  A small group of bee freaks spent about an hour positioning and readying the hive on Sunday so we could house it with about 2 kg of honey bees, the transfer went very smooth and only one sting was had by me.  I had another look in today to see that the girls are building comb along the bars and NOT across the bars and so far all is well!

One of the most important things when a new colony is transferred into a Kenyan hive is that the bars are checked three days later to see that they are building comb in the right direction and to fix it if they aren’t.  A window in the hive can help with this but if you don’t have a window like John and Sharon then you have to open the hive and inspect.

Ill be dropping in to the garden to check on the hive regularly over Summer and adding more bars, allowing the organism to expand laterally to reach its potential size.

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