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Adrian Iodice has a deep passion for natural sustainable bee care. He started beekeeping with standard conventional Langstroth hives and since 2010, he began experimenting with and studying various hive designs.

Adrian is one of the pioneers of the ‘Natural beekeeping’ movement in Australia. In 2012 he studied biodynamic beekeeping at ‘Mellifera Centre for Organic Beekeeping’ in Rosenfeld, southern Germany. He has come to the conclusion that the ‘Kenyan top bar hive’ is the better hive suited to his needs and he feels that every ‘backyard beekeeper’ should truly consider the hive design they will eventually use for the wellbeing of their bees.

He teaches natural, ethical beekeeping in ‘Kenyan top bar hives’ in Melbourne, NSW, Canberra, Brisbane and the Northern Territory.

He has recently featured on 4 episodes of the popular TV show ‘River Cottage Australia’ and has made the front cover of ‘Earth Garden’ Magazine and written an article for ‘PiP’ magazine.

Adrian is extremely passionate about natural, sustainable, biodynamic, beekeeping and is currently co creating a bee sanctuary on a small community in the Bega Valley of southern NSW where he lives with his wife, three kids and great friends.

He uses 5 different styles of hive and will continue monitoring their outcomes.

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