What is Natural Beekeeping?

What is Natural Beekeeping?

Providing optimal conditions for the health of the bee colony

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Welcome to Beekeeping Naturally.

Beekeeping Naturally is committed to promoting and practicing natural, sustainable, biodynamic beekeeping in Australia.

Once a conventional beekeeper, Adrian Iodice ‘saw the light’ when he found natural beekeeping in 2010. Adrian decided to dedicate himself full-time to the vision of researching, practicing and teaching natural beekeeping skills throughout Australia.

Beekeeping Naturally is deeply committed to restoring ecological integrity to our agricultural systems, beginning with the pollinators – the Bees.

At its core, Beekeeping Naturally believes that beekeeping is primarily about the health of the bees. Changing the culture of beekeeping is about shifting the mind set from honey production towards a more holistic and harmonious approach that works with the Bees rather than against them, for the health of the entire ecosystem.

Homebase for Beekeeping Naturally is a farm in the southern NSW Bega valley where Adrian and his wife and three children are creating a bee sanctuary and education center as a living model of Natural Beekeeping.

If people love something, they want to protect it. Bees have such a beautiful nature it doesn’t take much to fall in love with them. The more we can get natural hives in backyards, on roof tops, and in schools, the more we will spark a movement towards restoring our dwindling bee populations and protecting our precious pollinating creatures, and the future of farming.

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