What is Natural Beekeeping

Rather than treating bees as ‘honey production units’, the natural beekeeping philosophy is about providing optimal conditions for the health of the honeybee colony.

Modern conventional beekeeping and agricultural practices, such as crop spraying, hive movement, frequent hive inspections, artificial queen rearing programs, routine medication, and sugar water feeding, reduce the vitality and weaken the immunity of the honeybees.

The difference between conventional beekeeping and natural beekeeping is like the difference between a monoculture farm producing maximum crops versus a diverse biodynamic or permaculture garden.

Natural beekeeping is a gentler bee-friendly approach that prioritizes care for the bees, allowing them to build natural honey comb and to harvest only when sufficient honey is available. This results in healthy bees and delicious raw honey!

The disappearance of the bees

It’s not just about the honey

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Tips for Natural Beekeeping

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About Beekeeping Naturally

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